Alvaldi Ratatosk, Rune Priest of Great-Paw’s company

I’m sorry that this is late, I was out yesterday evening and before then I was trying to finish this guy off. However, better late than never, so here is Alvaldi Ratatosk, Rune Priest of the Great Company of Ælthere Great-Paw.

If you’ve seen the earlier posts, you can see the development of the model. Most parts came from the Space Wolves pack, although I used shoulder Pads from the Devastator kit in order to keep the basic model a bit more uncluttered. The eagle on top of the staff came from the Devastator Sergeant and the staff itself is a bit of pinning rod, stuck through a trimmed down power sword arm. Most of the rest is Green Stuff.

As the character is called Ratatosk after the gossiping squirrel in Norse myth I tried to reflect that in the staff, with the snake at the bottom, the eagle (double headed in this case) at the top and a squirrel somewhere in the middle. As it is a Rune Priest’s staff, I felt that it should have talismans attached to it. The wolf tail talisman came from the Space Wolves pack, but the rest is green stuff and thin wire. I went for a mixture of fangs and rune stones and I also made a feather (supposedly a raven’s feather) for it as I’m planning to give him a Chooser of the Slain once I make it. I tried to make a spiral pattern on the staff using the green-stuffed animals and I  also a painted spiral in Chainmail and Mithril silver, over which I used the Citadel Glazes to make it glow although the effect isn’t as strong as it was on the power axe I painted a while back.

I painted the cloak white using Ceramite White and used a Gryphonne Sepia wash to bring out the inscribed details. I then used drybrushing to highlight the convex folds. The robes are grey with a red lining. I was thinking about giving him a coat of many colours but that really didn’t work, so I stuck to using bright linings on both the cloak and the robe and more muted shades on the outer surfaces.

So there you have it, Alvaldi Ratatosk the Rune Priest ready just in time for me to try to figure out how all these new psychic powers work!



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