A quick break from travelling

Well, I’m back home for a couple of days (which are rapidly diminishing) and I’m building some Swiftclaws. After my first game of sixth edition I learned several things: firstly, that I’m really struggling to remember the new rules, secondly, it’s a really bad idea to build a new list, for a new edition, when you have no idea how two whole units work and finally, that my footslogging army isn’t working and needs a boost. That means getting some sort of transport for my units, and/or beef up my fast attack, so I can reach the enemy before he can shoot me to bits.

The latter is my preferred route, so I’m going to start by building the Swiftclaws that I’ve been planning for months. To that end, I bought a Raven Wing Bike Squad kit as it contains three bikes and is cheaper than buying the bikes one by one and has some pretty bits that I can adapt (I know, using Dark Angel bits on Space Wolves, the irony is delicious).

I then need to get the Land Raider out of its box and a) figure out what it’s for and b) start work on it.

What I also need to do is get a real grip on all the units in my codex and the new rules. I can do some of that when I visit my folks next week. I’m going to try actually planning a list, and seeing what else I need to buy to build it.

I may move back to having two HQs in my army too. I moved down to one for the last game I played, in order to fit in more scouts and things, but I think that using the Wolf Lord on his own as a unit, really is quite nice, although I imagine the pair of Fenrisian Wolves aren’t so useful with the new wound allocation rules.

Well, I guess that I should get back to these Swiftclaws. I just hope that I have enough green stuff in the house!

Holiday time!

So I’m off on holiday tomorrow. My holiday is complicated and consists of two parts. Therefore next week I’ll be away from my computer. I’ll keep an eye on this place but I won’t be posting. The second week will be spent with my parents so I will be able to post something. I guess that I can write a few book reviews that I keep putting off, although I won’t be able to do any painting.

So, I guess that I’ll be back soon, and hopefully I’ll get enough energy scraped together to get back to posting regularly!


Chooser of the Slain: painted and based

So, here she is, my first scratch build. All in all it was great fun to build something completely from scratch and I’m pretty happy as, apart from being ground based, she looks like the idea I had in my head before I started this project. I probably could have made her more detailed, there are no rivets for instance and I used smooth piping, but her size made her tricky to hold, let alone sculpt.

The front is meant to be largely organic, hinting that she is, or once was a raven.

The back was vaguely inspired by the Iron Chicken from The Clangers, and is much more metallic. I don’t know how she’d fly- I imagine that there are Grav Plates attached somewhere!

Finally, in order to get an idea of scale, here she is next to my Rune Priest.

I need to catch up on my painting next, but I have more stuff waiting to be built when I clear some of the painting queue!


Chooser of the Slain- some progress

I know, I was going to work on splashing paint on models this evening but instead I’ve been working on sculpting my Chooser of the Slain. The photos are quite poor I’m afraid but I hope they give you an idea of what she looks like. She’s made purely from green stuff which has been rather fun and a bit of a challenge. The base is a resin one by Wargames Tournaments that I bought at Salute.

I tried to get a fusion of metal and feathers and I’m really hoping that it works once I paint it. I guess that I’ll find out this weekend. She shouldn’t take too long to paint as she is really small.

Rulebooks, allies and panic painting

Just a quick update tonight as I’m still up to my ears in work. I am taking time out on Saturday though to go to the start of the summer campaign at my local GW. This means that I a) have to learn the rules, b) write a list and c) have the relevant models ready. I might be able to do point b on time…

I am not going to panic paint though, well, not much. I want to get blocks of colours on my Long Fangs and the rest of the scouts- the blue-grey on the armour, the Boltgun Metal and the yellow on the shoulder pads at least.

Learning the rules is my current task. I’m very glad that there’s a summary at the back of the book, as I can skim through and get an idea of what has changed and what has stayed the same. I’m tempted to make some posters up for the back of the toilet door, so that I am frequently reminded of them. The act of writing things down sometimes helps me to remember them, although I normally can get by just by reading stuff. At the moment though I’m a little bit stressed, so my memory can be a little bit patchy.

However all the time in the lab does give me thinking time, sometimes what I think up is vaguely (very) odd, but sometimes it’s quite useful. For a while now I’ve been considering adding a Wolf Blade unit to my Space Wolf list but I’ve not been sure how to do it. It’s one of the reasons that I’ve been annoyed at the lack of a flyer for Space Wolves (that and a flyer goes with my raider theme) but now that allies are allowed, I’m trying to think round it. At one point I was considering Grey Knights with a counts-as Inquisitor to represent a navigator and a Storm Raven as a shuttle, but today I had an idea: I’m going to use Blood Angels as allies. A counts-as Librarian for the HQ and, rather than Blood Angels as Wolf Blades, I’m going to use Death Company as Wulfen and add in the Storm Raven as Fast Attack. It’s not an immediate plan- I want to get the core of my army done first, but it’s nice to get it sorted. I’m quite enjoying the potential of allies, it potentially adds a lot of flexibility to the game.

I’m also quite liking the fact that my Swift Claws are suddenly a more sensible idea. I guess that I’m going to pick some Space Marine bikes up sooner rather than later. Still, I’ll have a better idea how I’m going to play this army after Saturday.


Deff Skwadron (Graphic Novel) by Gordon Rennie and Paul Jeacock : A review

I saw the advert for Deff Skwadron in June’s White Dwarf and was immediately curious. I mean a graphic novel about Ork pilots, what is there that can go wrong? I’m glad to say that there is indeed little wrong with this book.

This collection is a reprint of stories written by Gordon Rennie and drawn by Paul Jeacock and originally published in Warhammer Monthly. With the release of the new flyers obviously the time was right for a reprint.

The book isn’t the highest quality graphic novel out there but the magazine paper actually really suits the book, making it feel like a comic book. The other Black Library graphic novel that I own, Lone Wolves, is printed on glossier, heavier weight paper, but it’s a darker, heavier story.

Now, I have to confess that I’m a relative newcomer to Graphic Novels, like 40K, they’re something that I’ve only really discovered as a (technically) grown up, so I’ve never read any of the war comics that these stories are largely based on. However my father has had a lifelong obsession with anything mechanical that flies and the ability to watch the same old war films over and over again without getting bored, and so some of that knowledge has rubbed off on me. I therefore spent most of the time spent reading this book giggling to myself. Any book that manages to reference The Sinking of the Bismark, Dr Strangelove and Catch the Pigeon in a few short pages is guaranteed to be great fun (and I want Catch the Squigeon on a t-shirt!)!

The first three stories are a little crowded but the fourth story is drawn in a slightly different style so the pictures are much easier to follow, and they really show off the mad, orky brilliance of the book.

Deff Skwadron is only available to buy directly from Black Library and, apart from their obsession with sending everything out in really big boxes, their service is pretty good, the risk is that, having decided to buy one book, you end up looking at their other Direct Exclusives…

So if you want something to go with all those new Ork flyers, or just something fun to read, I really, really recommend this. It’s a nice relief from all the grim dark stuff and it’s good to see Orks as the heroes for once!

Life is catching up…

I’ve had a copy of 6th edition for over four days now and I still haven’t read the new rules. I am sharing a copy with my boyfriend but he read it within two days and I’ve read the fluff… The main reason that I haven’t made a start on the rules is tiredness. I want to tear through the book at full speed and maybe even set up a few games at home, but The Thesis is beginning to catch up and instead I’ve spent the last couple of days curled up on the sofa after work. Likewise, I haven’t done any painting or model building since Sunday afternoon.

So my hobby work is likely to be a bit sporadic for a bit, which is a pity as I’m going to take part in a campaign at my local Games Workshop store this summer and I haven’t a clue how 6th edition even works at the moment, let alone finished all of my models.

I’m wondering if I can sneak my rulebook into work. My current experiment resembles a plasma gun in that it randomly stops working (and involves plasma), so I’m spending a lot of time sitting staring at two numbers on a computer screen in case one of them changes. It would be the perfect time to catch up with my reading. It’s just a pity that the rulebook is so big!