Flyer rant

I wasn’t going to post tonight- I had stuff to do for a giant review post but I thought I’d share what was on the Games Workshop blog today- particularly the bit at the end:

 “Incidentally, when the Stormtalon came out, many hobbyists asked us on Facebook if they could use it in their Black Templars/Space Wolves/Blood Angels army. Well now, if you pick it as an allied unit to your main army, the answer is very happily: yes.”

Umm… umm… I have to play a whole other codex if I want a flyer? You’re kidding me right? I’m really, really hoping that this is careless writing and that I get to retract this post next week when the new rules come out. I guess that there are a few armies in the same position: Sisters of Battle, Black Templars, Dark Angels (although they aren’t mentioned in the blog post-hmm), Chaos Space Marines, Chaos Daemons, Tau, Tyranids and Eldar don’t currently have flyers although there are rumours of Tau and Eldar having them in future, and CSM and Dark Angels are rumoured to be in line for a new codex. I’m curious to see what exactly is redefined and who loses out. I guess that winged daemon princes (with daemonic flight) will be flying monstrous creatures and Tyranids also have one I think.

Flyers look like they might be quite a big part of 6th, so it’s at best annoying that whole armies are apparently being forgotten, at worst it could make them unplayable in certain situations.

I’m just hoping that I don’t end up adding Grey Knights to my list just so that I can have a Storm Raven…


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