Quick update on the Rune Priest

Well, I did a few more things to my Rune Priest over the past few days. First I gave him a sleeveless robe.

I did this by using thin strips of green stuff with cut outs to allow for the shape of the arms. I joined them up along the seams, which I left rough to make it look a bit scruffy. I also added a couple of bullet holes.

The cloak on the other hand looks a lot newer. Mainly because having spent so long on it I didn’t have the heart to add damage. What I did do was inscribe runes on the outer side and add a belt to gather it together at the shoulder.

The final thing I did was use the runes from the power sword I chopped up for the staff arm to give him a necklace/amulet and string together a wolf tail talisman from the Space Wolves box along with bits of green stuff in the form of fangs, runes and feathers, to add decoration to the staff.

He’s now been washed gently in soapy water in order to wash off any stray Vaseline and he’s awaiting base coating.



One response to “Quick update on the Rune Priest

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