6th is coming…

Well it’s here officially. It’s less than a year since I bought 5th edition, and I really didn’t get enough games in, but now I am going to have to learn a whole new set of rules. It’s a little bit pricey, but the euro is not a particularly healthy currency at the moment so it’s only a few pounds more than the UK cost. I’ve got to go to my local Games Workshop to pick up my replacement Iron Hands set, so we’ll probably order it then. There’s a video with pictures of the artwork and photographs up at Games Workshop (and the Dark Angel from the White Dwarf spines features quite early in at the point where the voiceover says “unforgiven”). The more I see their blog and video productions, the more I become convinced that for some things, Games Workshop is still a couple of guys in a gaming shop. The artwork is stunning though! I think it’s why I have so much trouble remembering the rules for 5th edition! I’m distracted by the shiny pictures!

It’ll be another week before I see it and I guess I’ll pick it up from the shop. I’m beginning to see a lot of the next city and it’s still bloody awful! I do however, know the route to Games Workshop, the shop that sells UK produce (you’d be surprised how good things like Robinson’s squash and Warburtons’ crumpets taste after a few years largely living overseas) and the good bookshop very well. I have not, however, done things like get a new battery for my watch, get my winter boots resoled and pick up the junk that I need for my conversion!

Not that I can do much at the moment. Working in a lab has not helped my back one bit this week, particularly as the thing I’m working on involves me first, lugging around about 10 kg of steel (my estimate- it’s at the limit of what I can handle though), and secondly, spending an hour using a sand blaster (which is a tool for cleaning the surface of things by blasting them with jets of sand (obviously). It’s meant for somebody taller than me, with bigger hands (so big that I can fit my entire hand in the thumb of the glove!) and the coatings that I have to remove are stubborn to shift, but if they’re not removed, eventually they’ll flake and spoil the experiment. I’m hoping that liberal doses of ibuprofen and the herbal rub thingy I bought last night and not having to go into the lab or sit in my work chair, might give me some respite this weekend though. Enough to finish the sculpting part of my Rune Priest at least!

Anyway, at least 6th is officially here. I’m looking forward to seeing exactly what it all means!


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