Ratatosk the Rune Priest part 1

Sorry, I’ve been a bit quiet this week. No excuses, I just didn’t do much!

What I did do this weekend is start a Rune Priest conversion. It all started when Commsnake over on The Overlords forum initiated a modelling challenge. I’ve been thinking about a Rune Priest for a while and as my Iron Hands bits have been returned to the shop, I decided that it would be perfect for the challenge.

I’ve used bits from the Space Wolves pack and the Devastators kit (because they’re plainer). I reposed the legs so that he looks a little more dynamic (I hope). I used a power sword arm for the staff. I removed the sword and drilled out the hand so that I could insert a length of pinning rod. The eagle on top of the staff was taken from the banner in the Devastator kit. I’d spent ages trying to make one until my boyfriend pointed out that there should be one in the kit.

The character is called Ratatosk after the squirrel in Norse literature who spreads gossip between  Nidhogg, the serpent at the bottom of the World Tree, Yggdrasil, and the Unnamed Eagle at the top. Therefore I moulded a snake and a squirrel (badly) onto the staff with Green Stuff.

There’s still a lot to do with this model: I need to add more detail to the staff and give him pelts and cloaks and things. I’m also going to add to the hair to make it look a bit more wild.

Still, it’s a start, and it should keep me occupied in the weekends for a bit!

Oh! I should add that I’ve added a blogroll to the blog. There’s only one entry so far, but I’ll add more in time!



5 responses to “Ratatosk the Rune Priest part 1

  1. Woot international fame and celebrity at last! And I didn’t need to get locked up in a house full of idiots. Hurrah.
    Nice posing, though now I’m obviously going to say “oh it’s a squirrel?”

  2. Also if anybody decides to check out the overlords forum, have a look at Roverts stormbird, the project that kicked off the challenge. Very nice piece of work indeed.

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