The first of my old fashioned Long Fangs

So, I’ve was quite productive last weekend (hobby-wise at least) and got one of my 1992 vintage devastators/ Long Fangs painted.

He was quite interesting to paint. The old model is far less detailed than the more modern figures that I’ve been painting up to now, but although the extra detail can look spectacular, the lack of fuss on this model is very refreshing and it allowed me to a) paint him quickly and b) add a little free-hand to the heavy bolter.

I find that I actually prefer the back of the old fashioned backpacks to the more modern variants that come with my Wolves, although the nozzles aren’t quite so good. The metal plates and the exposed piping add some character to the figure and I like the overall effect.

You may notice some difference in the basing of these guys. I decided to go for a more snowy look and try out some of the Citadel Mourn Mountain Snow texture paint that I bought on a whim a while back. I put some footprints in the snow using green stuff a while back. I painted the base with Ceramite White, washed it with Devlan Mud, before adding the snow. I wasn’t too happy with it, so I added some of the old snow too.


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