New Project

So I finally picked up the third and final component of my second Long Fangs pack project…

I’m going to use the Iron Hands Tactical Squad upgrade pack for bionics for my Long Fangs which will be based round the Devastator kit and bits from the Space Wolves Pack box.

I’m not sure what to make of the Iron Hands kit. I’ve never used Finecast before and so far I’m not impressed. Perhaps it’s because I’ve been painting metal and plastic all week but the texture feels rather strange. The sprues themselves look like the shoulder pad that I accidentally dipped in acetone- they’re very rough and look a bit warped. There’s lots of extra sprue and a thin layer of resin joining a third of one sprue together. There are also a lot of bubbles in the sprues. They’re particularly visible on the shoulder pads but they are present elsewhere too. The whole thing looks very rough.

On the other hand the kit does contain two sets of bionic legs, two sets of bionic arms with bolters, a bionic arm holding a thunder hammer, two (badly cast) chest pieces, four helmets and ten Iron Hands shoulder pads.

I think that next time I will just get the Forgeworld Space Marine Character Conversion kit, as although you get less for more money, at least it’ll be all usable without the hours of filling and sanding that the Finecast kit looks like it’s going to need.

I’m going to put the sprues away for a bit though, at least until I make a bit more headway with the painting queue!



3 responses to “New Project

  1. If they feel a little funny, just give them a quick but gentle wash in soapy water with a soft brush (I reccommend the GW Finecast Brushy thing, and lukewarm water with some Fairy Liquid or continental equivalent 🙂 )

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