Sixth is coming!

Well sixth is now officially coming. I guess that it’s been quite obviously coming soon for quite a while but now there’s the trailer.

Looking now, it’s obvious that they would have tried to release 6th in June for the pun, but it’s nice to get confirmation.

I now have the rather odd dilemma of whether I want to play a game or two now, or whether I want to wait for sixth. My gaming options are largely limited to me playing my boyfriend or going to my local Games Workshop as I haven’t found any clubs in my city, which is weird, considering that it is a university town. There’s going to be a campaign in my local GW this summer which I think that I’ll join. I might very well need the stress relief as it’s getting to the point where I need to have a version of my thesis ready. I’ve been grumpy for the past few days, something which has not been helped by the noise in my office (we have builders in). It’s also why I didn’t get a post written on Thursday, as I got home with absolutely no desire to look at a word processor at all!

I’m writing a short post today and I’ll have a post ready tomorrow, I promise. I have to work a bit this weekend but I need the stress relief of some hobby time, even if it’s just painting a model.



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