So close…

Now, I try to keep positive about Games Workshop, I get very frustrated with all the internet moaning, but in the past few days there have been two things on their website that annoy me.

The first thing is flyer related. In an earlier post I was quite excited about the new flyers (I still am) and I was hoping that there would be one for Space Wolves. I was still hopeful until Thursday’s “What’s New Today” when they started talking about Flyers, saying what other fast skimmers are available for the new missions. For those Space Marine Chapters without access to Storm Talons or Storm Ravens they suggest… wait for it… Land Speeders! Admittedly you can get three basic Land Speeders for the price of one Storm Talon, but although you get three times the “wounds” you only get three heavy bolters (for the same cost as one Storm Talon), and, for Wolves and Blood Angels at least, none of the exciting rules. I really need to pick up a few more codices one of these days, so I can compare things for more than just Space Wolves and Blood Angels, don’t I?

If I had an iPad I probably would have picked up a new e-version of the Space Marines Codex on Sunday. Unfortunately I don’t, and that’s the other thing frustrating me this week. The idea of having all my codices and rulebooks to hand in a lightweight electronic form that I can consult whether I’m at home, at a gaming club/shop or even on a train, would be very nice and I like the idea of the expanded codex, the only problem is that I don’t own and will not be owning an iPad, which means that I miss out… again! It’s like the BBC’s international iPlayer all over again. Here I am, with money burning a hole in my pocket, only to be told that as none of the four (soon to be five) operating systems in use in my household is iOS Whatever, they don’t want my money. Actually, to be fair to Games Workshop, I was more annoyed at the BBC thing, as they’d been advertising it for ages before it was released without saying that it was going to be Apple only, while this was a bit of a surprise.

It is however, a step in the right direction. It’s just a pity that they didn’t ask the guys in Black Library to help, and instead went for a one platform only release with a platform that takes 30% of the price of the product. Hopefully this is just a test run and that once they get over the whole “new and shiny” phase, they’ll click that there is a wider market out there. I’ve seen people complain about the price being the same as the paperback copy. I know that there isn’t the printing and the storage costs, but they still have to pay the writers and the designers etc., so I can imagine that it’s not all pure profit! I guess that they can charge whatever they like for it though. They could be selling it for a lump of cheese and three bars of chocolate or for three rubies the size of hens’ eggs, plucked from the statue of a forgotten statue in a long abandoned temple, deep in the Himalayas, until they release it on a platform that I use, it’s out of my grasp!


One response to “So close…

  1. Have to say I agree completely with you there. Land Speeders as an alternative to flyers? Makes no sense – they’re skimmers, for one thing. And who’s to say we can’t buy a Talon and paint it up in Wolf colours? Sure, you could only use it in friendly games or Apocalypse battles but still… Seems strange they don’t see fit to give the Wolves (and any other Codex) access to the new flyers.

    Completely agree with you on the whole iOS thing too. I am not enough of a fan of Apple to pick up an iPad. I much prefer my own Android tablet but wait – GW says that’s too bad! Their new book updates – which I think are an amazing idea – are only available on iOS devices.

    Not good 😦

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