Land Speeder Herald of Morkai: Finished at last.

I know, I’m late. I was determined to get this finished last night but about half an hour before finishing I found the thumbmark. Somehow, as I was highlighting, I managed to cover my thumb in Chainmail paint. I then stuck my thumb across the door. Of course, I only noticed this after it had dried. So, after some scraping and cursing and some painting and some more cursing, here’s the fixed model.

I’ve learned a few things while painting this. Firstly, Land Speeders need to be partly painted before assembly. There are just too many fiddly bits to leave until afterwards.

I’ve also learned that they are quite fragile. I snapped the rail for the multimelta and it’s not easy to fix. It’s too narrow for a pain and not big enough in cross section for easy gluing.

I have learned a couple of positive things though, in particular, I’ve discovered that a coat of Lamenters Yellow Glaze over Mithril Silver, gives a very good lamp effect for very little effort.

So, that’s the Herald of Morkai. Hopefully she’ll have some sister Speeders eventually, but I want to work on some other things first.




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