New additions to my modelling area

It’s too hot for blogging tonight, or that’s my excuse anyway, so I thought that I’d be lazy and show you the new additions to my modelling area.

The first new addition is a second lamp. I already have one lamp but my eyesight is really not good and it was not enough. So I went shopping last weekend and picked up a new one. I’m still using the old lamp, as it has a nice warm colour (the new lamp emits quite bluish light), but the second one is bright enough that I’m not straining my eyes to see details any more.

The second new purchase is a set of shelves to put my work in progress on. Technically it’s a spice rack but it’s just the right size for 40mm bases so now it’s a wolf rack. This way my projects are all tidy, within reach and less likely to have an accident.

I’ve not got anything more to say this evening. I’ve been struggling to think of what to write tonight. I have lots of things in progress but all of them require work. I did try to do a bit of number crunching on the Space Wolves Codex but I gave up when the amount of different possible HQ choices reached the billions. I have got plenty of project work to do this weekend though, so I should have something to talk about on Sunday (Saturday if I’m really good).



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