Work in Progress: The Herald of Morkai

I’ve been trying to catch up with some of my painting backlog this weekend in the form of a Land Speeder that I assembled months ago. I’ve been putting off painting her as she looked a) boring and b) tricky. I was right on part b, the model is taking some work, but it wasn’t as boring as I had dreaded, mostly because wide flat areas of blue-grey are much, much easier to paint than multiple small flat areas of blue-grey, such as are found on power armour.

I’ve learned two things so far. The first thing is that freehand is very tricky. It’s one thing to sketch something on a piece of paper, or even to paint a simple shoulder pad design, it’s a whole other thing to try and paint more substantial designs on something with angles and sticky-out bits. The other thing that I’ve learned is that Land Speeders need to be painted and then assembled. It’s almost impossible to paint some parts properly.

I need to highlight her next. Then I really need to finish off my last two Fenrisian Wolves and the Blood Claws. I’ve just sprayed my Long Fangs with an undercoat, so they, and my Wolf Scouts, are now also in the painting queue

I’ve been reading a lot this weekend in between my battles with the paint pots. I finished Battle for the Abyss and then re-read Mechanicum by Graham McNeill. I’m on to Tales of Heresy now. It’s been really interesting to re-read these books now that I know more of the background. I shouldn’t have any difficulty catching up again before the next book is released in September, the risk is that I’m so easily distracted I may end up reading something else entirely in a similar way to the way my painting queue has built up!



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