Old Fashioned Long Fangs: Part 1

So I have quite a bit to talk about today (nothing new there I guess) because I’ve actually been busy. I’ve been working on a Land Speeder (which I’ll post about when I finish it) and I’ve stripped and assembled the metal Devastator squad which I’ll be turning into Long Fangs. I’m just going to talk about the Long Fangs today though as I’ve had to do a lot with them.

First of all I had to strip the figures. They had been coated in a white undercoat but it was a bit scruffy and the previous owner (my boyfriend isn’t sure if he bought these guys new or not) hadn’t removed any mould lines, so the undercoat had to go.

I started by stripping the metal parts of the figures with nail varnish remover. This stuff contains acetone, so it’s not a good idea to let it near any plastic. The best case scenario is that you’ll have an unsightly mark on the plastic, the worst case scenario is that you’ll end up with a half dissolved model. I spilled a bottle of acetone on a ruler once which now has a nice set of my fingerprints pressed into it from where I grabbed it out of the way before it dissolved. I left the figures in the nail polish remover for about a minute before scrubbing off the paint with an old toothbrush.

For the plastic parts I started off using acetone free nail varnish remover. Bad mistake! The bits I cleaned that way have definitely lost some definition. After that I moved onto Revell’s Aqua Color Cleaner which stripped paint from the figures just as fast as nail varnish remover without damaging them or giving me a headache from the fumes. It is a bit expensive, but you can clean your brushes at the same time!

After stripping and cleaning them, I then had to glue the models together. I’m not used to metal models and super glue and it took longer than I thought. The models then looked like this.

The next job was to make them look more like Long Fangs, which as someone has not so carefully removed the combat knives that these guys came with, requires quite some cosmetic surgery.

So far I’ve added the squad leader’s banner (which I’m carefully trying not to touch) and some patches of fur. I’ve also adapted a knife and a power sword from the Space Wolves pack box to replace the missing blades on two of the models. The others should be ok as they are.

That’s how they look right now. The next job is to undercoat them black before they join the painting queue. I will add a part two to this when they are done which may take a while. Once these guys are done I am planning to build a second pack using modern Devastators and bionics from the new Iron Hands kit. First I will have to wait until the Iron Hands kit is released and then I need to catch up on the painting backlog. It’s a four day weekend so I have plenty of time in which to make a start on the latter!


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