An update of sorts

Well, this is more an apology rather than a blog post- I’m feeling a bit under the weather. It’s not bad enough to have stopped me doing anything today, but just enough to stop me having motivation to do it for more than half an hour at a stretch. What I did do though was paint most of a Land Speeder and strip the undercoat from most of my Devastators.

First, the Land Speeder. It’s been undercoated for a while but I haven’t touched it until now, but I needed a break from tidying up Blood Claws and Fenrisian Wolves. It was surprisingly nice to be able to paint large flat surfaces as it’s so much quicker and less fiddly than power armour! I’ve painted the main body now and most of the cockpit detailing. I still have the flamer and multimelta to paint as well as the details on the bottom of the vehicle. I then get to do a bit of freehand before washing, highlighting and weathering it. That’ll be a job for next week though.

I stripped the paint from the bodies of the Devastators and most of the weapons using nail polish remover. Unfortunately the stuff I had contained acetone (probably why I never used it on my nails- that stuff dries my skin out faster than anything else I use in the lab), so I couldn’t do the plastic bits. I’m going to hope that the supermarket has the right stuff tomorrow (and some gloves as I’ve run out).

Apart from that I went to Games Workshop yesterday to pick up some supplies. I haven’t been there for a bit and the shop assistant asked where I’d been. They are pretty nice guys there, if rather enthusiastic when it comes to selling stuff that’s not released yet. I picked up another glaze as well as the snow textured paint. I’m curious to see how it works.

I also watched The Overlord’s live 100th episode which was hilarious, but more about that in another post as I’m tired and grumpy and off to bed!



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