Legends of the Space Marines: The Last Detail by Paul Kearney

This anthology has stories that require knowledge of other series, while other stories showcase characters from other books, but one story in Legends of the Space Marines stands out as being one which needs a series written to follow it up. That story is The Last Detail and it is my favourite story in the book.

It differs from the other stories in that it is not written from the point of view of a Space Marine but from that of a farmer and his young son. The story starts with them emerging from their shelter after a battle between Loyalist and Chaos Marines. Their home has been destroyed and the land contaminated. Then the boy finds an injured Space Marine of the (loyalist) Dark Hunters Chapter.

The rest of the story is about their fight to warn the Chapter that their work on the surface is not quite over.

The Last Detail is an outstanding story. It is very well written, with a well thought out plot and strong characters. It ends in a way that practically invites a sequel and it would be amazing if there were.

I always feel guilty when trying to review a really good story because the reviews are always so short, but if you haven’t read this story you really should, even if you aren’t a fan of Space Marines. It was included in Black Library’s 25 for 25 anthology as well as this one, so it’s not hard to find, particularly if you like e-books!


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