Legends of the Space Marines: Consequences by Graham McNeill

Consequences suffers from the curse of this anthology: the tie-in. The story is very well written, as you would expect from McNeill but it feels like it should be somewhere else, namely The Ultramarines series, and I hope that it’s in the next omnibus. If I had read any of the Ultramarines series I would probably be satisfied by this story, it is after all very well written, and from what I can tell, fills in a gap between two novels. However, I haven’t read any of these books and so the story, while undeniably good, loses something. It’s also why I’m going to leave this review as it is. I can’t really give a fair review of this as I’m reading it in the wrong context. I’m beginning to wonder what the brief is for this book. Is it to provide entertainment, or is it to persuade people to buy more Black Library books from particular series? I don’t know how Black Library selects these stories, but I do know that Victories of the Space Marines suffers from the same tie-in problem to some extent. I’m ambivalent over whether tie-ins work in this series. On one hand they can be very good and they do introduce the reader to a series that they might not have previously considered. On the other, they can confuse the reader, particularly when parts of the plot rely on prior knowledge.

Perhaps I should get the Ultramarines Omnibus some day. I have other series that I want to read first though, so it won’t be for a while.

Sorry for the late post. I got home last night and stared at my laptop and found that I had absolutely nothing to say! I should have something ready for tomorrow though.



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