Legends of the Space Marines: The Returned by James Swallow.

Right, on to the next story in Legends of the Space Marines and it’s a good one. The Returned features the Doom Eagles, a Space Marine Chapter that is remarkably morbid, even for the grim, dark 41st Millennium! Their chapter oath starts with the phrase “We are already dead”. The Chapter marks each dead warrior with a memorial holding an artifact, and to them dead means dead, they don’t like ghosts. This makes the return of somebody already mourned as dead rather problematic and that is what The Returned is all about!

This is a pretty good story, one of the best in the anthology, it’s nice to see how the chapter works and how such a relatively minor problem can cause major problems. It’s a story about death and trust and loyalty and how far they can go.

I think that sums it up. I’d like to say more about this story but it seems that its easier to moan about faults than enthuse about a good read.

I haven’t read Swallow’s Blood Angels books but it seems that there is a possible link between this story and Black Tide. However it is also an enjoyable stand alone story. The Returned is a good read and I would recommend it.



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