A quick planning update

I’m rather tired this evening, but I felt that the last post was rather too short so I thought I’d put up a progress report for my Space Wolves. I’ve got rather a lot going on at once at the moment, so this list is as much for my benefit than the blog’s!

First off I have undercoated my scouts, at least partly so. I don’t have a garden so spraying gets difficult. I managed two coats yesterday and I’m going to touch it up with the new Imperial Primer, which may be interesting. Hopefully I will finish priming them this weekend, although part of my reason for getting the spray cans out was to stop me adding more to them.

Painting-wise this weekend I want to finish my last three (for now) Fenrisian wolves. I’m hoping to talk about them in detail another day, but I need to finish them first. I also need to finish highlighting my Blood Claws. I still have six to go and because they’re almost done I tend to forget that they’re there.

The other thing that I plan to do this weekend is strip the old undercoat off the old school metal Devastators that I acquired from my boyfriend during our last trip to the UK. I don’t know why he never used them for his Blood Angels, but they look kind of fun, especially with the shoulder mounted weaponry. I might not paint them in the style shown on the box though!

© Games Workshop 1992 (yep, they're that old!)

© Games Workshop 1992 (yep, they’re that old!)

Beyond that I have two other primed models to consider- a Wolf Guard Terminator and a Land Speeder and there’s also a Land Raider that I need to think about. I guess that I might wolfify it with greenstuff and wolf skulls, but it requires some planning.

What I am not going to do is buy more models, at least not until I have made some inroads into the pile. With all the talk of Chaos Legions on the internet I have been looking at various models and I’m very tempted to start a painting project involving Chaos Marines, especially as I am partway through re-reading the Horus Heresy books and all the old legions are fresh in my mind. However I have too much to do and too much of a pile on my painting tray as there is. I also need more guys for my Space Wolves as even I know that my army needs some tweaking! Chaos Marines will just have to wait.


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