A Semi-successful Weekend

It was a holiday here yesterday and so I took advantage of the three day weekend to do some painting and converting. If things had gone as planned I’d have had a post on Fenrisian Wolves ready, but I messed up my painting, so I thought that I’d show you my Wolf Scout conversions. Conversion is probably a bit of a strong word as I didn’t do that much. The Scouts themselves came from the Space Marine Scouts box. I had a sniper rifle left over from my first box so I gave that to one guy. He also needed a spare hand so I removed one from a spare shotgun model (Wolf Scouts can’t use them and the kit gives you enough bits for either bolters OR shotguns, so it would have gone spare anyway). The heads came from the Space Wolves pack box, as did a power sword, the wolf tail talismans and a wolf skull (not visible in the photo). The chain came from a cheap necklace and the rest is just greenstuff.

To make the fur cloak I first made a flat cloak shape from greenstuff and attached that to the scout. I next applied small pieces of greenstuff, marking and tearing them with a pointed modelling tool to make clumps of fur. For the small bits of fur I just marked and tore a lump of greenstuff directly on the model (if that makes sense). The Sword on the scout’s back was originally a power sword. I cut off the hand, reattached the stub of the handle and extended it into a more Astartes-sized grip. I also filed off the cabling to make it more of a standard sword

As well as the painting and converting I also spent a good chunk of this weekend reading. I finished The Primarchs and I’ve just polished off Descent of Angels. Descent of Angels was ok, it’s not the most spectacular of the Horus Heresy books, but I’ll discuss The Primarchs in more detail another time hopefully (it was good- there’s a hint).



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