The best laid plans and all that jazz

So, I was planning to buy the Iron Hands kit for bits for my Long Fangs. Unfortunately it’s been pulled from the shelves/been sold off in anticipation of a new Finecast upgrade kit. This means that I’ll have to do some thinking, most of which will have to wait until the kit is officially announced and I know what’s on it. I’ve never used Finecast before and I’m worried by some of the reports I’ve heard.

There seems to be quite a glut of Space Marine bits on the way. Interestingly they are all in Finecast, which I am a little bit confused about. The Space Wolves bits frame is plastic, and surely it would make more sense to do other Space Marine ones the same way?

I’m curious to see what else goes the way of Finecast. There are still a few metal models out there and Sisters of Battle are still all metal apart from their vehicles. The poor Sisters do seem to be the poor cousin to everything else at the moment. The White Dwarf codex last summer was poor even to my untrained eyes and the models only come in metal- every other 40K army appears to have at least troop choices in plastic! It says something when the Forgeworld exorcist is considerably cheaper than the Games Workshop version. I’m not a Sisters of Battle player and although I have an idea for how I’d make a Sisters army of a sort, I’m not even going to consider building it at the moment.

I’ve unpacked my new old Devastators that I’m going to use for Long Fangs. I need to figure out how they go together. They’re going to have quite a mix of weaponry as they come with shoulder mounted weapons. I’m not sure how they’re going to work as I probably wouldn’t have given the squad leader a power fist, but it’s pretty firmly stuck on so it’ll have to stay.

I got my paints out for the first time in a week this evening in order to start highlighting my Blood Claws. Hopefully I can polish them off by the weekend as I have things planned painting-wise that I want to work on. I’m planning to do a detailed painting guide on how I paint Fenrisian Wolves as well as discussing using freehand on shoulder pads, all of which require me doing some painting! Unfortunately I have to bake cake tonight, so it’ll have to wait until tomorrow!



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