Salute Sum-up

I’m afraid I gave up even trying to write a post yesterday as I was travelling pretty much all day. I really need to learn to pack lightly. I was packing my stuff up on Saturday evening/ Sunday morning (actually, we got back so late on Saturday that I think it was already Sunday morning) and realising that I’d packed two jumpers, two shirts and a t-shirt too much stuff. It was probably a good thing that I didn’t buy too much at Salute. On the other hand I had a good opportunity to sit and read.

So, on Saturday my boyfriend and I went to Salute, which is a wargaming event run by the South London Warlords. It’s a whole hall full of gaming groups and shops. We turned up a little bit late and they’d run out of goody bags by the time that we got there which was a little bit annoying/frustrating. I don’t know what exactly was in the bags but we arrived before 1pm and the show didn’t shut until 5pm. I guess that if we go again we’ll have to turn up earlier, which, if we do what we did this time and stay outside of London, means an early start. The only trouble with getting there early is having enough energy to last the day.

I had a few things that I was looking for and I got one of them. I picked up two sets of pelts from MaxMini (large and small). I’d been thinking about buying some for a while, but as they were a small purchase I sidelined them as being too fiddly to bother with. I was going to pick up another Devastator squad for my Long Fang conversions, but only the most expensive of the stores that I was looking at had one left (and I forgot to check the pricing on the GW site before I left!).

I also wanted to ask about getting a KR Multicase. I’ve now seen what the backpack looks like. I didn’t have space to carry one home unfortunately and talking to they guy at the stall, it was decided that it was probably best if I ordered online in euros (which I really have to do- I can’t carry on packing my guys in plastic boxes). I need to write up my list as is and what I’m planning to get.

I was looking at getting some bits at the Bring and Buy/ the bits stalls. The only trouble was that most things were a little bit overpriced for something that I’ll have to strip and clean up. For instance, I saw 5 bikes for ₤20. Now Space Marine bikes are ₤6 each new from Wayland Games or ₤7.50 from GW (they’re considerably more in euros it seems :(). ₤4 seems like quite a nice price but in order to use them I would have had to strip them using Dettol (they were painted yellow), prise off heads or add lots of bits and green stuff in order to make them all wolfy, and only then could I paint them. I’m just lazy I guess.

I did spend money on books though. I picked up a pile of books from the stall that aren’t out for a while, including Wrath of Iron and Butcher’s Nails, both of which are books that I’ve been looking forward to. We also bought Architect of Fate which we then got signed by Sarah Cawkwell and The Primarchs which we got signed by Graham McNeill. Both authors were really great to talk to, although I put my foot in it when I admitted that I played Space Wolves because of Prospero Burns. I love Thousand Sons (which is written by McNeill). To be honest you can’t have Prospero Burns without Thousand Sons and vice versa. Graham McNeill’s story in the Primarchs (The Reflection Crack’d) is brilliant! I’m on the last of the novellas now and I can say that the three I’ve read so far have all been up to scratch. The reason that I haven’t quite finished The Primarchs is that I read Architect of Fate first. It’s not the most hopeful book in the world but it is very good and that’s all the review you can expect from me for now (I’ll write more another time hopefully).

Finally I should say a really big thanks to Jim who gave me a Land Raider. That was absolutely awesome, thanks!


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