Bits and Pieces

Now, I’m insatiably curious, which is one of the reasons why I ended up starting this hobby, and I’m never satisfied with just the here and now of something, I love back stories and seeing how things have changed (or not). Currently I’m still on holiday and as we’re staying at my boyfriend’s Dad’s house I’m getting to look at some of his old hobby stuff from when he first got involved with 40K (sometime in the mid 90s I think). There’s some old models, including a few that just don’t exist any more and a large pile of ancient White Dwarfs which I’ve been flicking through. Some of these magazines date back to Rogue Trader days (I think they came from a car boot sale) while others date back to second edition. I’ve read a couple of the older ones and I’m amazed by what things haven’t changed, although I’m very, very glad that the vehicle damage chart has. It’s curious to see just how much fluff there is in these magazines compared to the current ones, and the sheer amount of adverts- for other companies as well as just GW. The two issues that I’ve read in detail are from 1990 and contain a load of useful information on Space Marine armour (no. 129) and on hives (Necromunda at least) (no. 130). I’m going to nose through a few more while I’m here I think.

From the box of old 40K stuff I’ve gained a metal Devastator squad, primed white but otherwise untouched. I really want to build my battered Long Fangs, which is not really possible with these guys as the legs and torsos are in one part, but I’m going to clean them up and make them more Space Wolfy.

I’ve picked up some more hobby stuff in the last few days in the form of some plasticard and some finishing abrasives. I’m having trouble finding a good modelling shop (compared to a Games Workshop or a toy shop) to get things like this. There’s one a couple of towns away, but it’s not as easy as going to the next city (it requires a 13km cycle ride or a bus trip) so I haven’t been there yet. This should do for a bit though. I’m a little bit fed up of carefully filing down mould lines only to replace them with scratch marks. The nail buffer works better than a file or emery board but it wears out very quickly. I also want to do a bit more converting and scenery building as the last game I played at home was played on scenery made up of boxes and a wooden duck ornament. It was really nice to play with real scenery last Sunday and I really need to start building my own, hence the plasticard.

I’m trying not to buy any more junk before Saturday. I honestly decided not to look for shoes to go with a dress that I needed for an event next Friday as I’ll probably need space in my bag for bits from Salute.

Tomorrow though I’m baking cake. I’m trying to figure out whether to make one or two (I’ll have to make at least one more on top of what I’m bringing) and how to decorate them. I have Ideas but they need thinking about. If I have time I’ll run off a quick post tomorrow about them.

There may be a second post today as I’m enjoying my holiday by spending a good chunk of it behind my laptop and I’m trying to get a few more posts about Legends of the Space Marines written up. It’s just nice not to worry about work!

Of course there’s always the pile of old White Dwarfs to distract me!



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