Painting: That’ll do for now!

So last night I washed my Blood Claws. I haven’t highlighted them yet, that’s a long job, but I have based them. They still need names, but when I get back I’ll finish them properly.

I’ve packed my models, unfortunately I had a couple of casualties. One of which was easily fixed. One of my Scouts lost an arm, but that, unfortunately is a problem with this particular model. When it does it again, and I have more time, it will have to be pinned in place. The more annoying casualty was my Wolf Lord, who lost the tips of his lightning claw when I tried to fit him in a box. I’m going to have to give him some TLC when I get back from this trip.

A few of my guys found a home in my boyfriend’s case. It turns out that Blood Letters are quite considerably bigger than Space Wolves and my guys were rattling around a bit in his KR case. Most of the rest fit in my usual box, except for my Wolf Lord and Land Speeder which are both awkward shapes! Now I have to travel. I don’t know when/if I’ll get my usual Sunday post done- I don’t think I’ll try working on the Eurostar, I really need to read the Space Wolves codex, so that I know how my new units work!

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