Still painting… sorry!

Well this is a quick note, which is not really good enough considering that I completely failed to post on Tuesday. I’ve been painting. My parents went home on Tuesday evening and I’ve been painting from 6.30pm to 11.30pm (with a break for dinner) the last three evenings and I’ve still not got these Blood Claws finished!

The thing is that I want them ready before Sunday afternoon and I’m travelling all day Saturday (and I’m not painting on the Eurostar thank you!) so I’m painting like crazy. I’ll probably not have them highlighted on time whatever I do. Last night I went to sleep thinking about these guys and I woke up at 5am worrying about painting the gold bits!

I really want to get a 1000 point list ready, unfortunately in order to do so I’ll need my Land Speeder (still bare plastic) and two Wolf Guard Terminators, one of which is painted but not based, the other of which is just undercoated (but it is firmly attached to a base).

I also need to work out how to transport them as I’m still procrastinating over what case to get. I want to get a KR case but I don’t know what my list will be in the end so I’m unsure what foam to pick! I was going to put my troops in my boyfriend’s case but he’s not going to have space now. I hope that there’s enough space in my plastic box for all my troops. It works ok for trips to my local Games Workshop but the Eurostar is a whole different story!

Well, I need to swallow the last of my tea and get back to my painting! I’ll be in the UK from Saturday so posting may be erratic next week, on the up-side I’ll hopefully have more to talk about!

I saw a rather cool article about a plasma gun kind of thing for zapping bacteria (there’s a mistake in the article with the temperatures) and thought about posting it along with a piece talking about them but the Wikipedia article I found is rather excellent, so I’ll just link to that for now!

Back to painting… I hate gold paint!


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