And some more painting (I wish)

Well, I got something done over the past few days, if not as much as I’d hoped. I got nothing done yesterday but on Friday I managed to finish the Pack and Great Company markings and started adding details to faces. I think I’ll be working on Chainswords and bolt pistols next, starting with the non-metal bits, before using Bolt-Gun metal on the shinier parts. I’ve decided to avoid dry-brushing bolt pistols as they are just too fiddly. I’ll then do a bit of work on the piping and a few details before FINALLY painting the gold and tidying up… Then it’s on to washes and highlights. Here’s a quick progress picture. I’m afraid it all looks a bit of a mess at present, it always does at this point! One guy’s even missing a pauldron because it fell off and I felt that it’d be easier to leave it off until I tidy up the difficult to reach bits!

I’m not doing much today hobby wise, as I’ve had my parents round all day and I’m now under the influence of a couple of glasses of wine.

I’m trying to figure out how much I can get done before next Friday, and, having got it ready, what’s the point cost. At present I’m still a bit below 1k, with a mammoth effort I may just scrape the 1000 point mark by next weekend. The trouble is that I just don’t paint fast. I tell myself that I’m going to paint x, y and z today, then I get distracted by y or w, or even zzz and I only realise several hours later that I’m now Behind.

I have managed to finish Firedrake, but the book deserves its own post (it’s good). I’m now making headway through Fulgrim. I’m having the same trouble re-reading this as I did with False Gods, in that I know what’s going to happen and I don’t want it to!

I picked up a couple of the new paints yesterday but I haven’t used them yet. I think the Imperial Primer will get an airing soon though as the metal meltagun for one of my Blood Claws hasn’t undercoated particularly well.

My Mum brought me over a bunch of information on Sutton Hoo as my parents stopped there for a visit and I have Plans to use some of the patterns seen there on some of my models in future. First though I have eight Blood Claws to finish!



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