Painting… Just a quick update!

Well, I did what I said painting-wise, the hair is base coloured and the vents and nozzles are now bronze. I also painted the armour joints dark grey last night. Today I painted the last three sets of vents, painted the skulls with bleached bone and made a start on the pack markings, but I’m wobbling, which is not good when you’re painting circles, so I’m going to curl up with Firedrake for the rest of the evening. Tomorrow is a day off so I am going to fix the pack markings and, as I also need to clean my flat before my parents turn up, try and get it to the point where I can wash them and leave them to dry while I clean! This means painting the gold on the armour, the weapons and some of the accessories… Thinking about it, I might end up washing them on Saturday. There must be five minutes that I can snatch from entertaining my folks!


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