Painting time!

Sorry, I didn’t managed to post yesterday, I was all blogged out to the extent that I even tried to link to a previous chapter in the document I was writing at work. Posting should be back to normal tomorrow.

I’m going to go to the UK soon and I want to take my army with me. Unfortunately most of it is in various states of unreadiness, from partly painted (Blood Claws) to splashed with an undercoat (Blood Claws and wolves) to basecoated, to unpainted, to still on the sprue. So, I’m setting myself a challenge. By the time I leave for London my Blood Claws will all be painted. This means a drastic change in painting habits. Rather than dithering over one guy I am going to start by painting the main blocks of colour on the rest of the pack. The blue is all done, as is the skin and the yellow for the shoulder pads, so tonight I’m going to do hair and pelts and maybe make a start on the bronze on the backpack nozzles and vents. I did two lots of hair last night in the course of about 15 minutes, so I should be able to deal with the three other bareheaded guys quite quickly.

The main distractions that I need to overcome are the internet, the copy of Firedrake that arrived today, and deciding that I can just paint the details on this little bit here…

I’ll update tomorrow with how I’m getting on- maybe even with pictures, if I’m not too embarrassed!



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