Extreme list building: Part 1: Space Wolves

So, I was planning an erudite and insightful discussion of the effect of the power spectra and relative intensity of different light sources on colour while painting but I (probably thankfully) got distracted by stupid army lists. There was a post on 3++ the other day talking about the most points for a full force org possible army in 40K (Blood Angels) and somehow I went from reading that to figuring out what was the biggest and the smallest army I could make for different codices.

I had three rules:

  1. The list had to be as close as possible to 1500 points
  2. It had to be game legal. There had to be at least 1 HQ and between 2 and 6 Troops choices and 0 to 3 Elites, Fast Attack and Heavy Support
  3. All prices had to come from the GW site

I calculated lists for Space Wolves, Chaos Daemons and Orks as they were the three codices that I had handy. I’ve tried to calculate the list with the most and the fewest models, as well as the total cost, the average cost per model and the cost per point. Prices were calculated in euros as that’s the local currency where I live. Please remember I’m new to this, so there may be mistakes. If you find any, please tell me! I’m dividing this analysis into four posts as otherwise it’ll be a headache inducing overload. So, let’s start with Space Wolves.

Space Wolves

Fewest Models

Surprise, surprise, this list contains multiple HQs. However, although Space Wolves can take up to four, there wasn’t enough space! I could have swapped the Land Raider for a HQ choice, but in the end it fitted better. Bringing Logan Grimnar means that Wolf Guard can be taken as troops although I’m not sure that you’d want to take a Wolf Guard on a bike with a Storm Shield and Thunder Hammer and Mark of the Wulfen!

HQ: Logan Grimnar (275 pts)
HQ: Bjorn the Fell Handed + twin linked Lascannon (290pts)
2 x Troops: 2x Wolf Guard + Storm Shield + Thunder Hammer + bike + Melta Bombs (103pts), 1x Wolf Guard + Storm Shield + Thunder Hammer + bike + Mark of the Wulfen (113pts)
Heavy Support: Land raider + Storm Bolter + Hunter-killer Missile + Multi-melta + Extra armour (295pts)

= 9 models
= 1498 points

Total cost: €194.05
Average cost per model: €21.56
Average cost per point: €0.13

Most Models

On first glance, I’d reject any Special Characters when making a swarmy list, but Canis Wolfborn means that Fenrisian Wolves can be taken as troops, and those little puppies are only 8 points per model. In fact they’re so cheap that you run out of troop slots!

HQ: Canis Wolfborn (185 pts)
6 x Troops: 15 x Fenrisian Wolves (8 pts)
3 x Elites: 5 x Wolf Guard (18pts)
2 x Fast Attack: 9 x Sky Claws (18pts)

=181 models
=1499 points

Total cost: 533.80
Average cost per model: €2.95
Average cost per point: €0.36

Quite a difference I guess. Neither list is really playable. The Wolf Guard in the first list are just daft and Fenrisian Wolves can’t claim objectives, so the second list can’t win an objectives game unless by some miracle they can table their opponent.

So that was the easy list (for me), next up are Chaos Daemons.


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