Making Plans

Now, I’ll be the first to admit that I’m easily distracted and a little bit absent-minded. My PC at work is full of abandoned to-do lists and plans that sort of diverged somehow and I’ve lost count of the cups of tea that I’ve abandoned because I want to check out this site, fix this bit of painting or read this next chapter. So, don’t be surprised in a few months if, instead of the list I’m going to post below, I’ve painted, I don’t know, two dreadnoughts and (horror of horrors) a pack of Thunderwolf Cavalry. What I am going to talk about is what I need to think about doing next with my Space Wolves, or more particularly, what models do I really want to paint rather than the poor Blood Claw standing on my painting tray at present. It’s a long term plan as I’m not a fast modeller or painter!

What I have

In my “to paint” pile at the moment are four Fenrisian Wolves, seven and three quarter Blood Claws, a Wolf Guard Terminator and a Land Speeder. I also have a box of Scouts to build which can wait for a bit. I bought them at Christmas when a store in my parents’ area was getting rid of its stock. However I received a box of Scouts with sniper rifles as a gift from my boyfriend a day later which I built first (they have cloaks and things and looked pretty cool). Obviously, I want to make inroads into this list before I buy anything else. The troops are the highest priority as I’m desperately short of them. I’ve played three games with the guys that I have painted, and every time I’ve needed more troops rather than the elites and HQs that I’ve painted. I’m thinking of mixing the other things in though, to stop myself getting too bogged down, starting with the wolves. However, I’m tempted to pick up a few more things to build to give me a bit of a change from painting.

What I want


Partly because I want to finish off the trilogy and partly because even I know that they’re a good unit, I’ve been thinking of getting Long Fangs for a while.

Now, I’m quite keen on the dramatics of my army (yeah, I know, fluffier than a fluffy kitten that’s sitting on a feather filled fake fur cushion), so I want to build Long Fangs that make me think of ancient warriors, wise beyond measure, battered by a thousand wars on countless worlds. This got me thinking, why would a Space Wolf become a Long Fang. As a group they are pretty bloodthirsty, and I imagine it might take quite a lot of effort/persuasion to make a son of Russ stand back and shoot at things from a distance. My main thoughts on this can be summed up as “attrition”. A Long Fang is a rare thing, most of his brothers would have died in battle as Blood Claws and Grey Hunters, the Company needs his unique experience and if he keeps charging in, bolter in one hand, chainsword in the other, there will be a day when they won’t be able to. He’ll also have seen brothers needlessly lost to things that a good missile would have sorted out, a sort of mental attrition that one day might lead to him swapping his bolter for that missile launcher. Finally there will be physical attrition, he might have lost an eye or a limb or two, or three.

With this last point in mind I want to build my Long Fangs so that they sport the odd prosthetic. I’ve been eyeing up a Forgeworld sprue for a while, but when I was listening to The Overlords this week I heard mention of an Iron Hands Tactical Marine box which contained, among other things, prosthetic limbs. If you consider the ten marine models, this would work out cheaper and give me more options than the Forgeworld sprue, and I already know what I could do with ten Space Marine Figures…


The Wolfblades are a unit from William King’s Space Wolves novels. Basically they are outcasts, either through disgrace or embarrassment, that are sent by the Chapter to be bodyguards to the Navis Nobilite family that provides their navigators. When I read the books they stood out as a fun unit to try to represent. I’d count them as Wolf Guard and paint one as a Grey Hunter, two as Blood Claws, one as a former Wolf Guard and the final guy as a Long Fang. I can’t give the Long Fang a heavy weapon, so I’ll just have to be creative. The other five Tac Marine figures will get used as Grey Hunters I guess.

Fast Attack and other things

I’ve mentioned before that I want a strong raider feel to my army, which I’m going to create hopefully using bikes and Land Speeders. How many and who leads them hasn’t been thought through yet. I should probably get a Rune Priest but I don’t know whether sticking him on a bike would be a good idea or not!

Anyway, as you can see, I have a lot planned. Of course, planning is the easy part, doing is the difficult part and I may play a couple more games and realise that I need to go in another direction entirely! I really should get back to painting my Blood Claws I guess.



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