More Books: Salamander, False Gods and Galaxy in Flames…

I’ve been reading a lot lately. I got interrupted partway through False Gods by the arrival of Salamander by Nick Kyme, but I’ve finished both of them and Galaxy in Flames and I’m pretty happy. I’m now reading Flight of the Eisenstein, which I loved first time round. I actually got quite a bit of painting done this weekend, I managed to scrape together enough time for a day off after all and I finished one Blood Claw off and made a start on the next. However, they can wait for a bit, as I’m going to talk about books today.

Firstly, it’s Black Library’s 15th Birthday and they’re releasing one E-book short story a day to celebrate, which would be nice if I had an E-reader or any computer sized between my laptop and my phone, neither of which are comfortable to read on for long. I’m just hoping that they bring out a paperback version or something.

Anyway, Salamander… If you recall, when I wrote about Hell Night by Nick Kyme a while back I mentioned that the story seemed rushed, this is not the case in Salamander. I actually really enjoyed it, and it makes Hell Night make more sense, particularly regarding the relationships between Dak’ir and Tsu’gan and Pyriel, and the sinister Iagon who gets mentioned in Hell Night but not expanded upon at all. Dak’ir is thoroughly likeable and oddly enough, so is Tsu’gan once you get to know him, apart from being insanely jealous/ snobby. The story itself is a good read once it gets going, although it does get a bit overwhelmed by all the different enemies in the last part! Still, I need to pick up the next book the next time that I order stuff from Amazon.

I have plenty to read in the meantime though. It’s really good re-reading the Horus Heresy books as not only do I know more about what is to come from the later books, I know more about 40K lore now, so things that I missed the first time round now mean much more. Erebus, however, is still a complete and utter… well, he’s the big villain of the series I guess. I just hope that, in the great traditions of fantasy fiction, he gets totally and utterly and dramatically squished in the last book. Unfortunately, this is the start of the Grim Dark 40K universe, so I imagine that he’ll wriggle out of it somehow.


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