Khorne and Flash Gitz and Changeling and Fang…

…Lucius and Jokaero and Waagh!
Games Workshop’s brought new paints out
Brought new paints out
Brought new paints out, you see!

So, the new paints are out and I guess that I’m quite excited. On one hand I have to learn the new names, but on the other there seem to be some useful new things to try out. I’m glad that there’s going to be a Foundation white, well, it’s called “Base” now, but I’ve wanted one since I first found out about Foundation paints. I find that certain colours, particularly yellows and to a lesser extent, reds don’t paint particularly well over a black undercoat, I hope that Ceramite White will make painting that little bit easier.

Another paint that I’ll be buying on my next trip to Games Workshop will be the Imperial Primer. Now, I don’t have any outdoor space at all, so any undercoating that I do has to be done next to an open window. This limits when I can spray and how many coats are easily doable. I’ve also had trouble with the primer bubbling on my models. My Wolf Lord has some areas that had to be filed down and smoothed over with liquid greenstuff after the primer seemed to eat away at the model. A brush on primer might save a coat of spray primer, even if, I imagine, the coat isn’t as smooth as it would be otherwise.

I’m also tempted by the Lahmian Medium, although I’m not sure when I’d use it yet. I saw something similar in the rather over-priced brush set that was on sale before Christmas, and was rather annoyed then that you couldn’t just buy it. It’s suggested as a way to make your own glazes, which in themselves look interesting. I guess that I can think about it. The glazes themselves are said to accentuate colours, which might be an interesting effect. I guess that if I get too curious I could experiment with them.

The Citadel Texture paints are not so interesting for me, as I already have a vaguely satisfactory basing routine, but my boyfriend seems quite interested in them. Ah well, I guess that paints won’t break the bank.

The downside to all of this is that I have to think what old paints I’ll have to stock up on. The paints are all still there, but I don’t want to buy a pot of Fenrisian Grey and find that it’s not the same as Space Wolves Grey. The only worrying thing for me so far is that The Fang is the new paint equivalent to both Shadow Grey and Fenris Grey (and I’ve just noticed that the new light blue-grey has a very similar name to the old dark blue-grey) and they are two quite different shades. I’ve picked up pots of Space Wolves Grey and Shadow Grey so that I have a stockpile, at least for a while and if I start getting low, I’ll have to try to use the old knitting trick of mixing the new in with the old gradually. For those who haven’t noticed yet, GW have provided a guide, which might come in handy.

I’ve been doing a bit of painting this weekend and I’m currently in the middle of highlighting a Blood Claw. Unfortunately I’ve bodged it badly, so I’m going to have to fix it tomorrow. Still, it’s nice to feel like I’m making progress on this squad, as I want to get some more games in and I need to get some more troops ready first.


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