The Company of Ælfhere Great-Paw: Wolf-Priest Hildólfr Deathmask

I’m tired tonight, so I’m going to introduce my other HQ.

Hildólfr Deathmask is my wolf priest and my first conversion. He has terminator armour, which brings him up to 120 pts, and, like my Wolf Lord will have extras added to him as I go up in points.

As with my Wolf Lord, I guess I should add some fluff. Hildólfr adopted the name Deathmask after a Last Stand against heretics, that he miraculously survived. Unfortunately it left him terribly scarred (as these things do) despite spending almost three years in suspended animation. He initially turned down the opportunity to become a priest, saying that he missed the brotherhood of the pack during his recovery, but eventually he gave in. The time spent recovering led to him spending more time studying than is the norm for a Space Wolf and he uses what he’s learned to help his brethren, whether they are physically hurt or are troubled spiritually.

Modelling wise, he’s a Space Wolf Terminator with a Storm Bolter and Crozius Arcanum. The Crozius was made from a Thunder Hammer and a personal standard from the Space Wolves pack. The Wolf Amulet was made from a crux from the Space Wolves Terminator box and a length of chain from a cheap necklace that I hacked up. I used the same chain to make the webbing thingy and I made the pouch and bag from green stuff. The helmet was made from a wolf skull from the kit with green stuff added to bulk it out to about the right size for a helmet. I added a bit of blue (Vallejo Dark Prussia Blue) to the black paint I used to paint him so that I could use a black wash. I then used the same blue to highlight the armour.

I’m not a hundred percent happy with this model, he was my first conversion and I’d do things differently now. I’m also not happy with how he plays at the moment, so I may make a different version later on with different armour, or I might just spend some time on him when I have some to spare.

He’s not as effective an HQ as my Wolf Lord, he dies much more easily, but he does give the squad he’s with Fearless, which turned out very useful in the last game I played.

I guess that’s it. I did some more painting this evening. I also read a chunk of False Gods although I’m finding it harder going than Horus Rising, partly because it really is grim and dark, especially as I know this time round what’s coming next. I’m getting quite tired at the moment, I need a day off and don’t have time for one, so I’m struggling to get much enthusiasm up to do anything and it’s beginning to impinge on my hobbying. I’ll probably get something done this weekend, but I haven’t a clue what. I got a bit more done on a Blood Claw today, which was nice, and I’ll try to finish him this weekend but if I’m tired I may end up staring at him for ten minutes before returning to the sofa!



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