Fenrisian Wolves: Kit Review part 3: Tassen the erm… Wolf

So, for part 3 of my Fenrisian Wolf extended review is on painting. I make no claims to be a good painter, I enjoy it and I work at it, but I’ve only been hobbying since last July so I’m still a newbie.

Fenrisian Wolves, unlike my poor half-painted Blood Claws, are relatively straightforward to paint. They can be divided into four parts: undercoat, base coat, wash and layer and, unusually for me, I only used 10 paints, a spray and a wash on this, the first of the pack, and I think that I’ll use variations on these ten colours for the rest of the pack.

So this is Tassen, which, you may notice, was painted with a certain childhood favourite in mind (which looks a bit macabre now that I look at him). I based him after I painted him and I’ll paint that to match the rest of my army when I have a batch of models ready.

I started with a chaos black undercoat. I then painted the eyes and the inside of the mouth. Now, I don’t like the eyes in the example pictures on the box and in the March 2012 White Dwarf, so instead I painted them with a base coat of Iyanden Darksun, followed by a coat of Golden Yellow. I used Chaos Black for the pupil and I painted the lids with a blend of Chaos Black and Codex Grey. For the mouth I used first Mechrite Red for a base coat and then used different blends of Mechrite Red, Red Gore and Elf Flesh for the inside of the mouth. I then rimmed the mouth with the same blend of Chaos Black and Codex Grey as I used for round the eyes. I should apologise here. I normally use quantifiable blends, but when I’m painting small areas with a lot of similar shades, I tend to work by eye, so that I have a bit more of a colour gradient.

I then moved onto the main body which I base coated with an approximately 5:1 mixture of Bleached Bone to Tausept Ochre. I actually started off with a mix that included Iyanden Darksun, but it was too yellow. I then washed the whole model with Gryphone Sepia. For the brown areas I used a 1:1 blend of Chaos Black and Scorched Brown. I then drybrushed the legs with Bleached Bone.
Next I moved onto the highlights. On the light bits of fur I used Bleached Bone, while on the brown parts I used first Scorched Brown and then Snakebite Leather. On the legs I used Skull White. Finally I painted the teeth Bleached Bone, followed by a sepia wash and Skull White highlights.

I’m quite happy with this model. It was quite straightforward to paint and looks quite nice with relatively little effort. I’d recommend painting them off the base though, as it makes it easier to get at the underneath.

Finally I should apologise for the late post. I was at a work function yesterday. I may be a bit late with tomorrow’s post too, but that’s life I guess.



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