More procrastination but…

I did less this weekend than I planned 40K-wise (I did make pork pies though). I’d planned to work on green-stuffing a project a bit and undercoating it, undercoating my wolves and painting at least one Blood Claw. Well I got part of it done, as the gash in my finger confirms. I’ve now green-stuffed my project so that there are no sharp edges and mostly basecoated it. My Fenrisian Wolves are also undercoated. All I’ve done with the Blood Claws though is paint some grey paint on the backs of the knees of one of them.

What I did do is sort out my modelling things. I bought myself a plastic chest of drawers and I’ve put my tools and my bits box in there. I’ve also tided up my painting area and I now have a paint station in the form of an upside down tea tray. Hopefully I’ll lose less brushes now. I’ve used it a bit and it seems quite handy (and there’s even a picture).

What I have painted is the mouth and eyes of one of my Fenrisian Wolves, I know that I said that I wouldn’t until I’d finished my Blood Claws but I’m puzzling over getting the eyes right. I think I’ve got it, but I won’t know until I paint the rest. That’s probably a job for this week though.

I’ve ordered Salamander (well, my boyfriend has) and I’m curious to see what it’s like. I need to dig out False Gods first though. I seem to have misplaced Legends of the Space Marines though! Perhaps I should learn to focus a bit…


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