Failing a Sexism Check

On one hand I now own Dawn of War, on the other hand I am never, ever, ever going to complain about Games Workshop staff ever again. I saw the game on display for €6 outside a shop the other day (I’m not going to say which shop for reasons that you’ll see below) and decided that it might be fun to buy it. I’m not a good gamer but for €6, I can’t really go wrong. The introduction of the game looks spectacular in that slightly cheesy over the top 40K way, I just have to get round to playing it.

Now, I go to GW for stuff and I pick up paints from the local toyshop and I get treated like everybody else picking up 40K stuff, that is a person. I go to a bog standard chain electronics shop and first the shop assistant decides that I’m with the guy in front (er…no, last time I looked I didn’t have to be accompanied to go into a shop in the Netherlands and besides, my boyfriend is the guy checking out e-readers near the entrance) and then tells me that it’s not the sort of game that girls play. I tell him that I know what it’s about and that I play the game. He seems very surprised at that and says that girls don’t usually do that. Now, I work in a male dominated subject area and since I was a kid I’ve had rather unfeminine hobbies, I was an Air Cadet and a Young Engineer and I have a Foundation Radio license and I have never, ever had anyone be particularly sexist to me before. I know this probably sounds moany but it’s written several hours after the event, so my brain has compressed the whole thing down to: idiot in shop, unaccompanied female, not a girl’s game. It says something that I’m still upset about it almost a day later. Needless to say, I won’t be going back to there again.

Well there’s the grumpy stuff out of the way, I’ll return with a happier post later. I actually got some stuff done this weekend (and a war wound).



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