Fenrisian Wolves: Kit review part 2

I’ve been doing some greenstuffing recently for a project and so tonight when I was using my liquid greenstuff I filled in the gaps on the Fenrisian Wolves. Hopefully I’ve covered up the worst of the gaps, but the shaggy fur around the face makes it a little tricky to get a nice smooth line.

Talking of nice smooth lines, I’ve found a good way to get a nice smooth surface when tidying up mould lines and joins. Rather than using an emery board on my liquid greenstuff, I use a nail buffer, which, for those for whom the cosmetics section of the chemist is a dangerous and mysterious place, is like an emery board or file, but, as it’s designed to smooth ridges on nails, is softer and finer grained. It also has three degrees of roughness which means that you can get a nice smooth finish. It seems to remove liquid greenstuff much more easily than plastic too, so I could remove the excess without damaging the plastic, before polishing a bit harder in order to remove the excess plastic at the join.

I haven’t got any pictures as it’s not easy to see, particularly with my awful photography skills. This weekend I’m planning on undercoating a few things, so I’ll spray the wolves at the same time. I’m also thinking of names for them. I have one, but I’m going to leave it as a surprise until I paint the model in question.

I think that’s all for tonight. I’ve got a lot planned but not much done (as always). I’ve finished Horus Rising but I haven’t started re-reading False Gods yet. I haven’t painted any of my Blood Claws this week and I’m not sure whether I will this weekend as I want to tidy up and rearrange my hobby things. I tidied all my spare bits into little plastic bags the other day but my modelling area is a mess of paint and models and brushes, so I really need to clean up. I’ve just realised that I should have liquid greenstuffed my Land Speeder while I had the stuff out, but I guess that will have to wait until I don’t have three other projects on the go at once. Organisation really isn’t my strong point!

Hopefully by my next post (Sunday probably), I’ll have a good deal to talk about, but I guess that this will do for tonight.



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