The Company of Ælfhere Great-Paw: Wolf-Lord Ælfhere Great-Paw

So I’m kind of exhausted tonight due to work so I’ve decided to not write the book related post that I had planned, and instead I’m going to start a series going through my army, such as it is. Today I’m going to look at my Wolf Lord, Ælfhere Great-Paw, and use him to give an idea of what my army theme is.

He’s a Wolf Lord with Terminator Armour, storm bolter and Wolf Claw (145 pts). I haven’t given him any sagas as yet as I’m only playing at 500 points. Once my army gets a bit larger I’ll probably add sagas and accessories to help maximise his potential.

As for the fluff, Ælfhere Great-Paw is a relatively new Wolf Lord, but he manages to temper bloodthirsty exuberance with common sense. I want to give my army a Viking raider feel, with lots of fast attack, so Great-Paw is very proud of his heritage as a son of Fenris, and likes to use tactics that he learned as a boy when his tribe went searching for new lands. He likes to use fast units such as Land Speeders and Swiftclaws to hit the enemy hard and fast. However he has a deep dislike of Thunderwolf Cavalry. If any of his Wolf Guard turned up to battle on a wolf he’d tell them to “stop posturing and get off that damned animal”. That said, he has a pack of Fenrisian wolves which he considers to be as much a part of his army as his human brothers (I’ve got to fit my latest purchase in somehow).

Modelling wise: I used a Wolf Guard Terminator figure for him, and as he’s a Wolf Lord, I gave him the cloak out of the pack. I couldn’t fit the dangling paw part of the pelt on the figure, but I decided that I didn’t really want it anyway. I added the wolf claw/ paw personal standard thing from the Space Wolves pack, because, well, he’s Great-Paw. I based him using gravel and sand bought from a shop in town that was selling them for flower displays and Games Workshop snow. The blood was done by dropping Baal Red onto the sand. Great-Paw was the first terminator that I painted and I’ve added highlights and things to him later on. I can see where he needs a touch of work in places but because he’s too big for my box I tend to add things to him as I think of them.

I’ve played three games with him and he’s definitely the most useful member of my army. The three wounds makes a difference and the four attacks means that he can fight as well as survive. Giving him terminator armour also helps with the survivability. I’m quite happy with him actually, he stops me losing quite so badly as I otherwise would.

Anyway, I think that’s everything. I’ve almost finished Horus Rising, and I’ll try to finish it tonight. It’s been interesting to go back to the beginning of the series. When I first read Horus Rising I knew almost nothing about 40K, I now know a little bit more and it’s fun to spot all those little (and not so little) hints. Tarvitz and Torgaddon and Loken are all just as likeable as they were the first time round which is good, although its strange to be liking Abaddon again. I’m on the final bit now. If I have one little niggle it’s that it feels somehow wrong to have Sanguinius described as “sniggering”. It’s definitely worth a re-read though.


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