Fenrisian Wolves: Kit Review part 1

I picked up a box of Fenrisian Wolves yesterday. By coincidence they came out about the same time as I started to think that I’d need something about them for a project (which I’m not talking about today).

Of course, having bought them, I decided to put them together straight away. There are five wolves per box, each in four parts: two half heads and two half bodies. I’m not sure about the wisdom of this as they have a noticeable seam straight through the nose and along the body. I guess that I’m going to be getting the liquid green stuff out.

Actually, I might get the regular green stuff out as there are no options in construction. The models are conveniently labelled 1 to 5 and the parts are marked A to D, so that you really can’t mix up the parts. It’s a bit of an overkill but it’s better than the Space Wolf Terminator box where I only noticed that not everything was compatible after it was too late. This all means that you can’t really do much with the models though, not unless you’re prepared to get the tools out. They’re not exactly poseable either, the heads only go on one way.

I’m not sure that the way the models were divided up was particularly sensible, rather than the almost straight line used, it might have been better to go round the nose, so that there isn’t a seam up the middle. Cutting along the shaggy fur line, so that the seam is more broken, both on top and along the smoother belly, might have been a bit more aesthetically pleasing too.

However the kit fitted together quite well, the models look pretty good and they’ll be fun to paint. I don’t like the way the eyes are done in the example models, so I’ll have to think about that a bit. I also need to paint a few Blood Claws first so it may be a while before I can work on these some more. Ah well!



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