Getting distracted


Now I get distracted quite easily, either from doing something or by doing something. At present I am suffering from both kinds of distraction (not both at the same time, I oscillate between the two states).

When I’m working on something, really working on something I tend to get absorbed. I’m not particularly good at single tasking most of the time (you should see my work doodle pad/ latest paper that I should be reading) but once I get going I tend to lose track of time. This happened big time last night. I wanted to get a Blood Claw “finished” so I sat at my painting area and well, painted, for two whole hours pretty much straight. I stood up because I needed to help with dinner and realised that my back was killing me. I really need to stop doing this, I’ve missed TV shows and abandoned countless cups of tea because I just wanted to fix something. I do it when I read too and have done so for years, I devour books.

Actually, my ability to devour books in single sittings probably is a sign that when I get distracted from a book/story, that it’s either incredibly complex or not particularly good. With the former, I just need a situation where I am stuck somewhere for a while, such as the train, but with the latter it’s usually a sign that I should just give up. I tried to re-read the second story in Legends of the Space Marines today, while waiting for the phone/Skype to work and I’ve just decided to skip it. The story is Cover of Darkness by Michael Scanlon and it’s just not good. I’ve read it before but I just can’t make myself read it again. The thing is, it’s just not good. The writing is very clumsy and the ending is rather forced. I think that I’ll skip it and move onto the next story, which, I recall, I rather liked when I read it before. It has Dreadnoughts and I like Dreadnoughts!

I want to focus on painting a bit though, as I want to get a game in this weekend, and I’d quite like to be able to use at least some of my Blood Claws. I’m quickly learning that you need plenty of bodies on the ground when you face Daemons, so maybe reading will have to wait a bit. Ah well!



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