One down…

I’m afraid that I’m a day late with this post but I was busy painting (sorry). I made an effort last night and this evening and got the first Blood Claw from Pack Nóh almost finished. He isn’t based (or named) but I’ve got him painted, washed and highlighted. I enjoy painting, although I’m quite slow (at this rate it’ll take me another nine weeks to finish the pack), but I tend to speed up towards the end when I know what I’m doing and have the end in sight.

Anyway, here he is. Unfortunately (my camera was flashing “low battery” and I’ve run out) I didn’t get a picture of his pack markings, which I’m rather pleased with as it came out as I’d envisioned it.

Last night I realised that the first guy in this pack is similar in design to the first guy in my Grey Hunter pack, which was the first model that I painted, so for a bit of a comparison I’ve also taken a photo of them both together. I hope that my painting has improved a bit. I’m proud of my first model but I can definitely see where he needs work.

Now I’m going to sit back and relax (and eat) before I start the next model. I tend to get a bit focused when I paint and so it’s only now that I’m realising that my back actually quite hurts! I’m re-reading Horus Rising at the moment as I’m struggling with re-reading Legends of the Space Marines and now that I know some of the background the beginning a) makes more sense and b) is absolutely awesome, so I should curl up later and read a bit more.

Right, time to crash!



2 responses to “One down…

  1. Word of warning, don’t ignore that sore back no matter how engrossed you find you can get. Try to build activities on that get you to move around and stretch. It can build up over time and cause more problems if you keep on doing it.
    Loving the blog and your guys.

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