Painting and podcasts and singing along to pop music

I’m tired tonight (Monday) so I’m not doing my evening spot of painting. I usually fit in half an hour or so most evenings (except Friday) as it’s a way to relax away from my computer screen after work.

I went into my local Games Workshop on Saturday for the 25th anniversary event there (I missed most of it unfortunately). Normally the staff there are fine and genuinely helpful but this time one of them was in full sales pitch mode. It was probably my fault to be honest, I spotted the March White Dwarf and saw that the picture on the front was from the Lone Wolves graphic novel ( (which is absolutely brilliant) and mentioned this to my boyfriend who promptly disappeared to the books section while the guy tried to sell me the new models. Unfortunately he overdid it to the extent that I forgot that actually I do want/need Fenrisian wolves for a current project and that ordering them might have been a good idea as I want them before April. As part of the sales pitch the staff members suggested coming there to paint as, to paraphrase them, you can paint and talk and it’s all good fun. They were kind of put off when I told them just how slow a painter I am. Mind you, after half an hour of my usual painting running commentary I’d probably be banned from Games Workshop for life!

Anyway, I was thinking that I have actually got a bit of a routine going regarding painting and what I’m listening to. I have to admit that I don’t like painting in silence, there has to be some sort of noise, even if its the banality of Sunday morning TV. Normally though it’s audio only. Sometimes I listen to music, but Tuesday tends to be podcast night. On Sunday we tend to have last week’s chart show on and I paint to that, which usually ends up with me either singing along or making silly comments about every other song.

The podcast that I usually listen to is The Overlords ( I know that I’ve been listening to it for at least a year now as its the podcast that got me into the hobby (see my first post). It’s not the most serious podcast out there, but that’s what makes it enjoyable, I guess. Sometimes I also listen to The 11th Company podcast (, but The Overlords is the main one.

Occasionally we get involuntary music. Sometimes, as is the case with the municipal music festivals, it can be very good, however there are times when its so irritating (street organ, accordion, drunk student) that I end up sitting by my PC, grumbling. Perhaps that’s the time to get off my backside and go to GW to paint after all!

Tonight though I crashed on the sofa and read The Gildar Rift (again) ( I also thought of something terribly nerdy that I’ll blog about when I’m not too tired to remember the formula for the volume of a sphere!

I’ll be back to splashing blue paint on my Blood Claws tomorrow though. I’m getting there slowly, but I’ll be happier when I can get onto the detailed work and give my guys some personality. I’m itching to paint shoulder pads and faces but I’ll just have to go over it again if I do, because I can guarantee that I’ll mess up with the blue-grey somewhere!

Still, Tuesday is Podcast Night, so at least I’ll have something to paint to!



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